Jr. Dragsters

Junior Outlaw 330 Race Series

The Northeast Junior Outlaw 330 race series opened its 2011 season on April 30th at Cecil County Dragway, Maryland. This was the first > of an eight race series for the year. The weather for the day was welcoming, as the Junior Outlaws shared the days schedule with the Outlaw Street Car Shootout competitors.

Sean Serra takes home the trophy!


There was a 13 car field for this debut race. As the cars gathered into the staging lanes for the first qualifying run, which began mid-afternoon, there was high-energy in the air, anticipating what the day was going to bring to these young racers and their family teams. There was one more time qualifying session that followed. Everyone was vying for that top position with their own strategies on top of mind. Going into the first round, the low E.T. qualifier was Scott Chitty with a E.T. of 4.232. The top speed qualifier was Sean Serra with 70.85 mph.

 Listed below is the first round qualifier ladder:

1. S. Chitty – 4.232 vs. Bye

2. S. Serra – 4.238 vs. 13. K. Doak, Jr. – 4.940

3. T. Kasper – 4.249 vs. 12. N. Coleman – 4.652

4. W. Kubicke – 4.255 vs. 11. S. Coleman – 4.636

5. D. Loffredo – 4.275 vs. 10. A. Jahiad Holland – 4.594

6. M. Richardson – 4.286 vs. 9. J. Macintyre – 4.357

7. M. Poznek – 4.291 vs. 8. A. Argoe – 4.307

 Ultimately, Sean Serra seized the day, or should we say night, by taking the single run in the final round due to a mechanical failure on Scott Chitty’s car.

Congratulations to Sean and his team on their win. The second series race is on May 29th at Old Bridge Raceway Park, Englishtown, New Jersey.

For more information about the Northeast Junior Outlaws, please visit www.northeastjunioroutlaw.com

More to follow,



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