Editors Biographies

Phil Hutchison


Phil, who is currently the NHRA Division One photographer, was always interested in shooting photos and fast cars. In 1970 Phil bought a new 340 Duster and raced it at both legal NHRA tracks and, in what was a very popular thing to do in the late 60’s and early 70’s, street racing.

After the Duster started to become a money pit, Phil sold the car and got his racing fix by attending events at Englishtown, Atco, Maple Grove and Cecil. And by this time Phil was going to the NHRA national events at Columbus and Gainesville. Phil had also started to purchase Nikon cameras and zoom lenses to capture the action from the stands and occasionally the starting line.

It was a win in the annual National Dragster photo contest in the 90’s that got Phil out to the starting line with a real press pass after years of sneaking out to the line only to be thrown out and in some instances escorted off the property.

Phil’s prize for winning the ND contest was weekend photos pass for any of the NHRA national event. He chose the US Nationals at Indy for his event. During the race Phil got to know many of the established photographers such as Jon Asher, Dave Kommel, and Dave Bishop.

It was with the help of Bishop that Phil got started in NHRA Division One. Dave had just taken over the D1 duties and needed a second camera to help with all the action. Phil apprenticed with Bishop for five years and later, after Dave stepped down as D1 photographer to start East Coast Drag News, took over as the official NHRA photographer for Division One.

In addition to National Dragster, Phil’s photos have appeared in USA Today, Drag Racing Magazine, 1320 Magazine, National Dragster Australia, Drag Racing USA, and numerous web based sites such as Drag Racing Online, ECDN Online, and Drag Race Canada.

Just like Dave Bishop mentored Phil, he hopes to return the favor by adding Diane Kubicke to the legion of drag racing photographers.

Welcome and thanks for visiting Northeast Drag Review.

 Diane Kubicke


Diane Kubicke has been around and enjoyed motor sports most of her life ranging from drag racing, NASCAR and dirt track ovals. Her strongest interest centers around drag racing. In addition to that, she has a passion for photography. Being able to blend both photography with drag racing is an ultimate high for her.

Diane enjoys traveling to the different tracks, meeting new people and listening to their “back when” stories. According to Diane, everyone has their own story to tell and it’s great to capture those moments in photos.

Diane is also heavily involved in the NHRA Junior Dragster racing program. Her two sons, Wyatt and Wade race junior dragsters along the east coast in which the team calls Englishtown their home track. She is the crew chief for her youngest son, Wade, who in 2010 was the Class A Junior Dragster Champion at Englishtown Raceway Park. Her husband, Al, works for Craw’s Racing, where he builds the motors and car set ups for the junior dragsters. Needless to say, they are a drag racing family.

Diane’s photos have appeared in National Dragster, Drag Illustrated, Competition Plus Online Drag News, Drag Race Central Online, and Bilsport Magazine in Sweden, NHRA Northeast Division 1 Website, and the NHRA Junior Dragster bimonthly publication.

Be sure to look for Diane at the track…she’ll have her cowboy hat on.

One Response to Editors Biographies

  1. dave bishop says:

    Thanks for the kind words. I am proud of your accomplishments and look forward to continuing to help you. This is my 47th year of doing drag race photography. Man I am getting old.

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