Division One falls short at the 2011 Jegs Allstars at Chicago

It started good during the introductions

On paper, the D1 team, comprised of the best of the best from the Northeast, was a shoe in to defend its 2010 title. They couldn’t lose. But drag races are not run on paper and although the NED had its share of winners, D4 ended up taking the Jegs trophy back home after being in the D1 for what seems like an eternity in the Northeast Division.

NED's own Lewis Bloom with D1 Director Bob Lang

John Finke stepped it up in the first round but came up just a little short losing to Reichert

Things began ugly in the first round with too many red lights, running way under the dial in,  and close loses putting the D1 team way back in 5th place.

Scott Luken ran a 7.09 on a 7.16 dial. You do the math.

Frank Duplissis went red in the first round of Super Street

Poor Steve Szupka. Went red twice in less than two hours with the Camaro Stocker..

Lincoln's win in the first round was a bright spot in what was an ugly round for the D1 team

Northeast racer Mickey Ferro had a scary crash in the first round of TA/FC after he got sideways and stuffed his Ryco car into the wall. Mickey walked away but the car was toast

Not what Mickey wanted in the first round

In the second round things picked up in Top Alcohol Funny Car as Frank Manzo and blocker Todd Veney both won securing a win for the team in TA/FC. Next Frank Aragona Jr moved on to the finals of Comp giving the team a needed boost but it was short lived as Lincoln Morehead and Joe Santangelo both went down in the second round of Super Stock with a combined losing margin of 0.030.  Can’t a guy get a break?

Joey lost to eventual winner Slate Cummings

Lincoln lost a really close one to eventual RU Tony Mandella by a little more than a foot at the stripe

Then it was our ace in Top Sportsman, Ryan Ondrejko red lighting again eventual runner up Ronnie Davis that sealed the deal. Even if Manzo and Aragona won the event, the NED was not going to win its 5th title in six years.  To add insult to injury Manzo and Frankie Aragona did win their respective eliminators.

Todd Veney got out of the gate first in the finals but Manzo reeled the Follow a Dream Chevy in by half track for the Jegs win

Ryan O lost to Division 2 star Ronnie Davis in round two.

D3 racer Rusty Cook got the better light and sent Jason Kenny, who was the D1 blocker in Super Gas, home until tomorrow's eliminations

D4 won on the strength of total points after what was a battle of divisions all day. D4 racer Slate Cummings winning Super Stock over the Camaro of  D7 racer Tony Mandella snatched the Jegs title from the Pacific Division at the last second…That must have really hurt the West Coast team after looking so good all day..  Ouch Part 3 At least we knew we were out of it after the second round.

Bye Bye

The Aragona crew celebrate their win at the Jegs Allstars

I'm with you man

One bright spot during the Jegs race was the beautiful ladies from D1


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